Obama’s Tyranny Against the Constitution

Posted: January 31, 2013 in politics

“Those who are willing to give up Freedom for security, deserve neither” – Ben Franklin

Constitution? Who needs it?


If you’re President Obama or any Liberal you have no use for the Constitution, unless of course it supports their cause. I am no longer shocked at the lengths this President will go to lie about his policies and how much he hates the Constitution. For example, the Constitution is a document that needs to be updated if it applies to gun control and separation of powers. But, when it comes to the budget or powers bestowed to Congress, Obama and the Liberals attempt to misintrepret our founding principles by saying, see it says it in the Constitution. Please! We’re not stupid.

If you are a listener of Mark Levin’s show, you know that Landmark Legal won a victory for Liberty and a decision against this tyrannical President. Basically, Obama said, paraphrasing from memory, “if you don’t vote for my appointments I’ll do it myself”. Well the U.S. Appellate Court said, paraphrasing again “oh no you won’t!”. Their position is you don’t have this power and you can’t call the Senate in recess. Only the Senate can do that. And, to make matters worse, Senate was actually in session.

Obama wants what he wants.

Therefore every State, business or individual hurt by the President’s actions now have a precedent and should file suit for damages. These three appointments are acting without Constitutional authority and can be litigated .

This action is almost as bad as Governor Cuomo’s bill to limit the size of ammunition clips, rushing the bill through before “the people” he represents could see it and vote on it.

Why is it that some of the very people we elect think they know better what we want than we do? No one man or group of men can rule over the many. That is the reason we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Paul Revere


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