Goodbye Dear Friend

Posted: November 17, 2012 in politics

I lost a friend in this election.

Noel was a childhood friend that I’ve known since grade school. His views are the polar-opposite of mine with regard to politics.

I believe in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, property rights and sound moral values. He voted for Obama and by reference believes in tyranny over liberty, big government, insolvency and Marxist philosophy.

Obama is dividing the nation, friends and family. He is accomplishing his goals by lying and cheating the very people he says he represents. While he pretends to be of the middle class he is deceiving those who support him and the 48.5% who do not.

Saul Alinsky, Obama’s Marxist mentor said, paraphrasing, “use any means necessary to achieve your goals”. That means lying, cheating, misrepresenting, vilifying your opponent and dividing the people.

I am so disappointed in my childhood friend that I no longer call him friend. His writing, email and constant reminders that Obama has 4 more years was too much for me to take.

So, farewell my friend. You are now a footnote in my past thanks to Obama.

As a side note, unions in Wayne, N.J. picketed a local company which chose not to give in to the demands of said union. Hostess Twinkies and dingdong’s of all things. They objected to which trucks were allowed to deliver the products. While millions are unemployed and the economy sinks into another recession these people forced ownership into bankruptcy. Stupidity reigns in these union ranks. One representative interviewed on the radio said he did not know what he would do now. His mortgage was under water and now he has no job. Obama supports this kind of behavior. Brilliant.


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