A letter to Noel : Obama 51% Romney 48.5%

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  – Thomas Jefferson
I am a new Mark Levin listener, a free-thinker and most of all, a Patriot. Until recently, I thought I knew what being a patriot meant, that is until I listened to what Mark had to say. Mr. Levin is a true patriot. He aims to educate his listeners, not spew propaganda. I never really understood what Liberals stood for, nor did I understand the views of Progressives or Conservatives for that matter. I must have slept through High School Civics class.
Honestly and maybe naively, I thought patriotism was synonymous with serving your country. I assumed raising a family, projecting a positive, honest role model for your children and educating myself so that I would eventually add value to the economy meant something. I know it matters, but lately I questioned my existence.
For the life of me, I could not understand why Liberal politicians trashed our candidate. I found it nauseating that celebrities and common people who voiced their support for Romney were vilified, threatened and assaulted. What happened to my America? Bruce Springsteen? Always an admirer, loved his music, loved, past tense that is. I am boycotting everyone and anyone that vilified my supporting the COnstitution of these United States. I’ll comment in subsequent posts on boycotts.
In the days following the election, I was demoralized. On the heels of what my logical sense told me were lies about Benghazi, bashing by the Liberal media and the insulting and rude comments by the Vice President, I met election day with a sense of victory. Instead, the day wore on to what felt like a beating by Mike Tyson. 
I picked myself up and took a deep breath on Wednesday. My drive to work was filled with anger. I could not understand what happened. It was if I hit the lottery and went to collect my winnings only to find out the numbers in my hand were for Monday’s drawing. To add insult to injury, I began reading my friends Facebook posts and came across one from my childhood friend, Noel who now lives in California. He was jubilant and said “C’mon folks, it’s time to work together again”. What? Work together to do what? dismantle the Constitution? Rewrite the Declaration of Independence?  
By the way, here is a free lecture series “Constitution 201” sponsored by Mr. Levin over at Hillsdale College. http://levinforhillsdale.com . I am more convinced than ever that people do not understand the writings of our Founding Fathers. In truth, many are ignorant of what the two most important documents in our history mean and what being a citizen demands of your loyalty.
Noel’s post took a lot out of me. He is an obvious Obama supporter and said as much in a long-winded post titled “Why I am voting for Obama” weeks earlier. What got to me is we were so close as kids. My parents were divorcing. His mom literally kept me from starving. I must have had dinner at his house 3 to 4 times a week. How the hell could he not see what is happening? I mean, we had the same Civics teacher! Well, living in California must have changed something in him being the only explanation I could think of. 
I’ve read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence many times since High School. Obama wants to rewrite history. He said so in his own words. What are people missing? I am convinced most do not see his ideology. I read Obama’s book as well. He’s a marxist and says as much. I researched his wifes writings while she was in college. The organization she was in would never have let someone like me in as a member. You see, I’m white and to Michelle Obama, that’s bad. Noel really?  “C’mon folks, it’s time to work together again”. Not on your life buddy.
I moved away from New Orleans to get away from racism or so I thought. The problem is, racism is in New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Hawaii, California, and all the other places I’ve been in my life. In short racism is hard to escape. At 58, I see my children will be faced with this for years to come. There is no escaping this problem. 
I’ve read and heard that serving in Vietnam and putting yourself through college is a noble endeavor. That was 1972 now 40 years later with a family, a beautiful wife, three children, a mortgage, the 3rd highest property taxes in the nation, an ex-wife and child support for at least one more year, I find it hard to believe someone would think of me as rich. Well off? Yes. If I made the same income in Mississippi or Louisiana maybe I’d even be better off, but rich? Not even close. The thought has crossed my mind why we don’t all just quit working and have the government gives us everything. I have too much pride and character to do that.
I am one of the 48.5% that resents this President, the Vice President and all of his cronies. So, Noel my child hood friend please be aware the movement is to the right. Sure you have this victory. Relish it in my friend. When Obama care kicks in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8you’ll feel it too, as well as those 7000 regulations about to take effect. You’ll see your gasoline North of 5,6, 7 dollars a gallon and soon. Taxes are going up and you’ll pay more too. Your kids will inherit your parties missteps for sure. 
You have to ask yourself, when citizens are so fired up they want to secede from the Union that there is a huge problem. You want to work together? Now?
P.S. I really want to know what the President knew about Benghazi. Hillary is in Australia at a wine tasting. General Petraeus I see 6 minutes ago will testify. If not for me, then for the families of these fallen Patriots. 

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